My Boyfriend Grew 3 Inches in 3 Weeks Using This 1 Weird Trick...
James grew 2.7 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 3 weeks using OUR NEW SECRET METHOD.
By Sharon Moore on

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Hi guys! Go grab a tape measure and see how big your penis is right now (I will wait).... OK, picture your penis 2 to 3 inches longer than what you see down there right now. Look at the measuring tape and imagine how much bigger and sexier your penis will look if it was only 2 to 3 inches longer. Every guy wants to know how can this happen and it's normal to be skeptical of all the penis growth products advertised everywhere that cost hundreds of dollars. I wrote this blog to share with you the mind blowing discovery that fell into my lap just a couple months ago to help every guy who has the same problem my boyfriend used to have. Best of all, it will not cost you less, because of it's FREE bottle giveaways(I did say mind blowing). If you're serious about growing a bigger penis in less than a month, then go grab a cup of coffee and get ready to change your sex life forever.

I'm Sharon. I'm 26 year old and a full time student from . I am going to school to become a nutritionist and I work in a clothing store as an assistant manager.

Me and my boyfriend James have been dating for about 7 months now. We met online on Facebook and I quickly fell in love with how smart and funny he was. I decided to meet James in person after a week of chatting back and forth. I was nervous on our first date and felt a bit awkward. I had never met anyone from the internet but I totally loved how James made me laugh and all the interesting things he talked about while we spent time together. After a few dates, I was falling in love with how James made me feel very special and I knew it was time to take our relationship to the next level..

Our relationship started to take off in a great path and everything was fantastic until we got to the bedroom and the sex... No guy wants to hear his girl say this, but James's penis was much smaller than my ex boyfriend Harold. I never told James how big my ex boyfriend was. That would have devastated his confidence so I always told James he was my best sex partner just to keep him happy. The sex was always horrible (well for me at least). Everytime we had sex I had to think of my ex boyfriend to get excited. James could never satisfy me properly no matter how hard he tried. He had the same problem 4 out of 5 men have... an average small penis.

The truth is (many girls will not admit to this) I started to have uncontrollable urges to have sex with random guys to get my fix and satisfaction of a bigger penis. Politically correct girls say that the right size depends on preference and compatibility. However I'm not politically correct and even the politically correct would prefer their men to be well hung. Have you seen a hot girl in the arms of an average guy and you asked yourself why she would go out with him? the answer is simple, he has a big penis. No woman can resist that, even the politically correct ones. We will always reminisce and think about the ex boyfriend with the bigger penis..

The truth is not a secret! Here's the proof from a recent published survey.
Check out the chart below. They asked 2746 women in between the ages of 18 and 45 which penis size they preferred. As you can see on the chart (in red), most women prefer a perfect penis size between 7 to 8 inches in length. Don't have a penis over 7 inches? Well you aren't going to excite a lot of women. I can say this was true with James. He was only 5.2 inches. My ex boyfriend was 8 inches.

I wanted to be satisfied like I was with my ex, but I did not want to cheat on James!!!

One night while I was out at the bar, I started to talk to a few of my girlfriends about James's "little" problem. Most women share the same problem since 4 out of 5 guys have an average small penis. That's when my best friend Claire told me she previously had the same problem with her boyfriend Mike. She told me to order some natural health supplements that she saw in an advertisement on yahoo a couple months ago. Her boyfriend Mike initially used the supplement to help him grow bigger muscles for his body building competition, but that was not all he grew!

She was planning to break up with Mike because of his "little" problem, but she was pretty pleased with the unexpected outcome of Mike growing a much larger penis as a result of taking this health supplement. It changed their relationship overnight. After hearing this I could not wait to get home to research the supplements further. I am a student nutritionist after all and know a lot when it comes to health supplements. I wanted to help my boyfriend James with his "little" problem as fast as I could. I have to admit, I was going to cheat on my boyfriend that night at the bar, but Claire's story gave me hope that I can help James and save our relationship.

Research was important to finding the right combination...

While I was surfing the internet researching the supplements, I could not stop laughing and giggling at all the penis enlargement products and techniques I came across that promised the best and fastest ways to grow a bigger penis. All the products and techniques are unhealthy and not natural for the human body. I am going to spare you the horror stories and particularly with penis pumps. If you search online for "penis pump injury" and read the stories, you will wonder how they can legally sell them to people.

Anyway, back to my research. The supplement I researched is Best Male Enhancement Vitamins and Bull Power Here is How...

The product is named Male Enhancement, a natural supplement that boosts natural Testosterone Levels in your body. Originally designed for athletes and body builders to build muscle fast, it is also now being used by pornstars for harder erections, better sexual performance, and stamina. Although it can be used to dramatically improve your sex life, you can also use it to build lean muscle in record time. But here's what they never told you - it works even better at growing your cock!
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The product is named Ultra Bull Power, The only clinically proven help to maintain a critical hormone for healthy men! No matter what size your penis is when you begin, you will see Longer, Thicker, Stronger Penis And its also increases male testosterone, boosts sexual desire and libido, Manufactured In FDA Approved Laboratory in United States safe effective alternative to painfull and dangerous enhancement methods such as surgery, pumps and weights.
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Was my boyfriend offended that I bought him the product to help him with his "little" problem?

Convincing James to try them was not as hard as I thought it would be. He did put up some normal resistance to save his face and pride, but later he told me he was fed up with being average and small anyway. Still, he had always been told that penis enlargement solutions did not work so he never tried any. He was very glad that I have taken the time and trouble to find a good penis enlargement method. He just took one New Male Enhancement and Ultra Bull Power pill in the morning and took one at night before bed. For me it was worth having a boyfriend with a big penis to satisfy me in bed and never having to cheat on him or think about random guys.

The outcome... did it actually work?

The results have shocked both our expectations. Within 2 weeks he gained 1.25 inches, and after 4 weeks he hit the 8 inch mark and our sex life is now even better than it was with my ex boyfriend! James is much more passionate in bed than my ex boyfriend and his larger penis drives me wild whenever we have sex now. I feel jolts of electricity through my body whenever he thrusts me with his large penis. The supplement even added a bit of extra fatness to his penis too which is a perfect feeling for me. I can happily say that he fulfilled my fantasy. Sex has never been so great. Even when I am at school or work I am thinking about having sex with James all day long.

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Are you happy with your penis size?

After you try this product for 2-4 weeks (3-6 months use of the product is recommended), please post in the comments section. Let me know how much you have gained in both length and girth. A few close friends have tried this and succeeded so I'm interested to see more results from people around the world. Give it a shot while the free shipping + free bottles are available and it costs you nothing to see results. If the free bottles are no longer available, please check them again in a couple of weeks. They usually have the free bottles every 15 days or so as long as stocks are high.

The exact way James increased his penis by 2.7 inches in 3 weeks:

It's that easy!

I will be happy to add your "before and after" photos to my page if you email me them to me!

Peace and love, Sharon -xXx-

P.S. Every guy deserves to be able to please his girl the right way. No girl wants to cheat on her guy, but most women crave a bigger penis than what they can get in their current relationship. No one can change the relationship but the guy. A woman who is well taken care of in bed will do anything for her man and make him happy. Every guy deserves that special connection with his girl. Every guy deserves a bigger penis and a happier more fulfilling sex life.

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Cindy McDonald
Posted on

Hahaha I can't believe I found your blog Sharon. I was just searching the internet for where I could find bulk deals on Male Enhancement. My boyfriend and I went through a very similar experience!
Posted on

I know what it's like to feel average. Ordering this now, will update you with my results.
Posted on

Sharon yur advice saved me from losing another girl to a guy with a big cock. I gained over 2" length and over 1" in girth from those products. Now I'm the guy that all the girls run to after they have been unsatisfied for years lol.
Lisa Dermott
Posted on

dont you find it funny how guys think its all about "how you use it" that counts??? WTF honestly!
Posted on

My friend and I are having a bet on who can grow faster. Got my free trial on Monday dieing to see the results!
Ross Burns
Posted on

I can vouch for Jenna I have personally used these supplements and saw big length and width gains (I'm still a bit shy to upload pictures though ). bla bla
Becky Warden
Posted on

Hallelujah! Sharon you are saving a lot of woman frustrated around the world. My husbands confidence has skyrocketed since he grew bigger, he is definitely a changed man under the sheets
Posted on

Thanx Sharon I will give this a shot. x
Posted on

Wow i wasn't expecting this to be as popular as it has become! Thanks for the comments everyone :) I also want pictures of your results add them to your comments! xXx
Steve. G
Posted on

Order Now has been around for years, it is the best in the market. I've not used them for a while but i have done in the past and i have attached my photo (this is over a year old) thankfully i'm still the same size today.
Great job on the blog Jenna.
Steve. G
Kerry Green
Posted on

Sharon I have a question for you. Did James's penis size remain the same after he stopped taking the pills or is he still taking them today?
Posted on

Hey kerry! Yep he's still the same size today he he ;)
Posted on

Hmm, this seems interesting. I'm already 6.5 inches though but i don't think any man should turn down such an oppertunity? i appreciate you sharing this story.
Posted on

do those pills arrive in descrete shipping package? do they have logos on the box?
Posted on

Yeah!! They are descrete and unlabled. . . better that way for sure! xXx
Posted on

Well, i've placed my orders. I honestly had no idea there was a way to enlarge your penis and especially in such a short time period. what makes it better for me is the ingredients in both products are natural and side-effect free, which is always a bonus. - - Thank you
Posted on

just dropping to say hi. i'm also living in at the moment
Posted on

Okay as promised here's my update... it's been 10 days since the supplements arrived - the first pic was taken a couple of hours after reading this post and the second was taken 10 minutes ago... I've grown over just over 1" ,which already officially makes me above average! I can't wait to see what happens over the next two weeks now but what's even funnier is how my sex drive has increased so much. Note to self, get a girlfriend haha.
Posted on

@Evan: it's a small world hehe! where abouts??
@Dan: Nice results :) i'm happy you added your pictures i think most people are too shy. . . that's one huge cock you have there xXx :)
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